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Peek e-mail device for sale now at $99

The e-mail-only device appears online ahead of schedule. Several colors are already sold out.

It was supposed to start selling at Target stores on Monday, but Peek decided to get things started a little early. The e-mail-only device, called the Peek, appeared Thursday on the start-up's Web site.

Peek e-mail
Corinne Schulze/CNET

And it looks like it was a smart idea. Silicon Alley Insider notes that two of the three colors already appear to be sold out. (That would be black cherry, and aqua blue, though boring old gray, er, "charcoal gray," looks like it's still in stock.)

We've already gone over what we think the limitations of the Peek are (see CNET Reviews' Nicole Lee's take here). But David Pogue of The New York Times says today that the Peek's "simplicity and elegance" will win over non-techies easily.

He writes, "It will follow the usual cycle of simple, elegant tech products: 1) universal scorn by feature-listers online; 2) quiet, gradual popular acceptance by normal people; 3) bafflement on the part of the feature-listers."

You know how we feel. What do you think, will this be a smashing success among the less technologically savvy among us?

Via Silicon Alley Insider