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Pee whiz! Pollee, a urinal just for the ladies

Urinals aren't just for men anymore. The Pollee urinal for women is designed to cut down on slow-moving bathroom lines at large public events.

UiWE PeeBetter Pollee Shy
The Pollee Shy keeps you shielded from your bathroom buddies, and high walls keep you shielded from the general public. UiWE

I saw an electronic toilet seat on sale at Costco the other day that made me think about advances in toilet technology. That's not a topic most people spend any time contemplating.

Copenhagen, Denmark's culture design agency UiWE has dedicated plenty of time to the topic with its PeeBetter project. As the name might lead you to believe, it's all about figuring out better ways for people to pee in public spaces.

Follow me here. So far, the big triumph of the PeeBetter project is Pollee, a prototype urinal for the gals. It debuted this summer at the massive annual Roskilde music festival, where notoriously long bathroom lines have held up women for hours.

UiWE says it best: "Pollee is an open air, touch-free urinal made for a semi-squat position." It can handle four women at a time compared with a traditional toilet's inefficient quantity of one. It also features the clean, rounded lines of contemporary Danish design.

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This isn't a case of one female urinal fits all. UiWE came up with three variations: the high-walled Pollee Shy for those with privacy concerns; the Pollee Topless, which has low outside walls and a fully covered bottom to afford "a good view, yet some discretion"; and the Pollee Naked with lower walls for women who don't mind letting it all hang out.

I imagine there will be varying reactions to this news. Some people might say, "Ick." Some might think, "No way would I use that." Others may conclude that anything that shortens those interminable women's bathroom lines deserves a Nobel Pee Prize.

UiWE is currently soliciting feedback, including posting a "pee survey," to hone the Pollee concept. Ladies, would you use it?

The Polee Topless
With low outside walls and a fully covered bottom half, the Pollee Topless allows bathroom goers to keep an eye on goings-on outside the urinal while still maintaining some privacy. UiWE