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Wearable Tech

Some of Pebble's new watch features arrive for existing Pebbles to enjoy

At-a-glance data and added Health info, plus pop-up reminders, come ahead of the Pebble 2.


A new look for Pebble Health, which already tracks steps and sleep.


Some of the features shown off on Pebble's next generation of smartwatches are coming to older Pebbles first.

The Pebble 2 is expected this September, but in advance of that comes a new software update that adds a lot to existing watches. Glances, and ways of compacting more information on that tiny screen, aim to make the Pebble feel a little more useful.

The new Pebble app and firmware launching today on Android and iOS bring a new design to the Health app, a feature that's slowly been getting better over the last year. The app's new step and sleep summary displays are a little less abstract, and weekly summaries can now be seen on-wrist.


Pop-up reminders, just like Android Wear.


At-a-glance info is now on the Pebble, too, via a more compact settings menu that shows information in a far more compact way. Trying it on an early build from Pebble, I found the text pretty small...but I prefer the layout.

The Pebble 2 arrives in September, and the Pebble Time 2 in November. Meanwhile, smartwatches may be arriving from Apple, Samsung and many others.