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Wearable Tech

Pebble smartwatch gets a rainbow burst of limited-edition colors

Three new DayGlo colors have arrived for the Pebble Watch, perfect for those who want something extra bright.


One of my very favorite current smartwatches is the Pebble Steel . The the original Pebble Watch is still around, too, and costs $100 less. And now it comes in a trio of bright new colors.

The new "Fresh, Hot and Fly" colors -- Fresh Green, Hot Pink, and Fly Blue -- are available now while supplies last, according to Pebble. They join the existing color lineup of black, grey, white, orange and red.

The original Pebble Watch is over a year old, and its blocky design feels more than a little dated, but these colors do seem to celebrate the look in a way that works. They actually look more like retro Swatch watches than ever before. They're definitely the boldest-colored smartwatches out there.

Pair one of these with a DayGlo shade of Google Glass, and you're ready for the Wearable Disco.