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Pebble Time watches now have boosted automatic health tracking, and even insights

New fitness tracker improvements and iOS message-reply modes come to the latest firmware, plus a lot of new fitness graphs in the phone app.

Slowly but surely, Pebble's year-old Time watches keep getting fitness boosts. The latest Pebble Health update, part of a firmware and Pebble app update that arrived today for Android and iOS, adds some welcome features to Time watches (Pebble Time, Time Steel and Pebble Time Round).

Automatic tracking of runs and long walks now gets logged in Pebble Health, and a number of new charts show detailed activity graphs and even insights on personal trends.

The pop-out Health features in the Pebble phone app are starting to look pretty competitive with top-end fitness tracking apps.


Fitness tracking in the Pebble phone app now has a lot of charts.


The Pebble Time also gets smart alarms that can wake you up when detecting "light sleep" up to a half hour before your normal wake-up call for optimal restedness, something other trackers offer (but I don't tend to use).

iOS users also get added message-reply features that Android users have been able to enjoy for months: starting a message to someone straight from the Pebble Time watch using quick replies or the microphone, or answering a phone call with a text message (currently only available for Verizon or on-contract AT&T customers).

Pebble Firmware and Pebble App 3.12 should be available now.