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Pebble smartwatch update adds 'Do Not Disturb' mode

The latest version of the smartwatch's firmware gives Pebble users more control over what information is automatically pushed to their watch.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Pebble smartwatch has received a firmware update that gives users more control over what information is is automatically pushed from smartphones to the watch.

Apps running on the Android, iPhone, and other iOS devices can be configured to send notification information to the Pebble's screen. The new version of the PebbleOS, v1.14, gives Pebble users a "Do Not Disturb" option, which blocks the watch from receiving any notifications for a set period of time.

Users will also have more control over which notifications are displayed and are able to choose to switch notifications on or off, or to only receive notifications about phone calls. These options are available via a dedicated menu in the phone settings.

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