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Pebble improves its app communication skills

Today the Pebble smartwatch adds two-way communications to its toolkit.

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The Pebble smartwatch certainly took its sweet time getting off the ground, but today the people who created Pebble say they have enhanced its application capabilities. Now able to talk in detail between phone and watch, Pebble apps promise true two-way communication.

So what does that really mean? Well, essentially Pebble watch apps using the new protocol can fully integrate with smartphone software, at least that's what the people behind the Pebble Kickstarter project say. In fact, according to Pebble, developers now have the power to craft "enhanced" apps that function as tiny remote controls for full phone applications.

In theory, Pebble applications going forward need not be limited by their small size or the fact that they're running inside the cramped confines of a tiny wrist-strapped gadget.

That's good news since many bold claims about the Pebble's software capabilities were made at launch though few save RunKeeper support have materialized.