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'Peanut'-ize yourself with a Charlie Brown look-alike generator

Join the world of Snoopy, Schroeder and Linus with an online Peanuts character generator that turns out your comic-strip avatar.

This bears only a very passing resemblance to me.

Remember back when "The Simpsons" movie came out in 2007? Everybody you knew was making their own using the movie marketing site's character generator. The 2015 version of this phenomenon is, a place where you can make your own "Peanuts" character to match your physical characteristics.

"Peanuts" has a unique and immediately recognizable drawing style. Characters have rounded tummies, flat feet and big heads. This isn't the most flattering look when you're trying to re-create yourself in comics form. The site lets you control variables ranging from eyebrows to the color of your pants or dress.

I couldn't find my hairstyle in the "girls" character generator, so I moved over to the "boys" side and did the best I could with a spiky pink 'do. The resulting avatar doesn't look much like me at all, but at least I've got a purple T-shirt and purple shoes on, which is accurate for me on an average day.

The Peanuts-ization site is a promotional stunt for the upcoming animated "Peanuts Movie" set to open in US theaters on November 6, in the UK on December 21 and in Australia on December 26.

The film follows comic-strip antihero Charlie Brown, known for having a football snatched away from him and for standing under his own personal rain cloud, as he tries to find his own sense of greatness in the world. This sounds like heavy stuff, but it's still geared for kids and longtime "Peanuts" fans who root for the lovable loser.

Whether you plan to see the movie, you might as well go over to and find out what you would look like if Pigpen was your best friend. All your social-media buddies are doing it.