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PC World TechGuys stream 100GB of movies to your iPad

PC World's iPad Media Streaming opens a digital locker that streams 100GB of movies, music and photos straight to your Apple iPad

PC World has opened a digital locker that streams your movies, music and photos straight to your Apple iPad. iPad Media Streaming gives your iPad 100GB of extra storage accessed via the Web, on top of the 16GB or 32GB built-in to Apple's tablet.

Back up your computer's files to the 100GB storage and it can be accessed from your Apple tablet via 3G or Wi-Fi. Music and media not stored in iTunes is included. You can also upload photos to Facebook and Flickr.

iPad Media Streaming is basically a cloud-based storage service optimised for iPad. Cloud storage for media, sometimes called 'digital lockers', are becoming more popular. Dropbox is an online service, Sony has the uncharacteristically cleverly-named Personal Space, Toshiba has Toshiba places, there's even a Tesco Digital Locker service planned.

iPad Media Streaming costs £40 per year, and also includes technical support from PC World's TechGuys. The software can be bought from PC World, with the free TechGuys Media Stream app required from the iTunes Store.