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PC still reigns supreme for Cyber Monday shoppers

Only about 20 percent of people are using a smartphone to make a purchase on Cyber Monday, and another 14 percent are using a tablet.

The PC may be under siege, but when it actually comes to placing a purchase on Cyber Monday, it's still doing quite well.

Desktops and PCs are used by 68 percent of consumers to place purchases on Cyber Monday, Ovum revealed on Monday in its survey of 15,000 consumers across 15 markets worldwide. Smartphones, meanwhile, are used by 20 percent of shoppers to place a purchase -- and tablets, by 14 percent -- in the Ovum study.

Ovum's study is interesting, if nothing else. Smartphones and tablets have skyrocketed in popularity and have hurt PC sales. But it's still the PC that consumers are choosing to make purchases on.

According to Ovum, 49 percent of respondents said that they choose PCs over mobile because they believe mobile services aren't as secure as their PC-based counterparts. Another 47 percent of consumers are concerned that their personal data could be used for the wrong purposes.

One other interesting tidbit: half of the consumers in the study said that they have no desire to try mobile payments in the next year.