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PC security under fire

A vulnerability in AOL's instant messenger could allow attacks. Also: A new Bagle variant rumbles across the Net.

As a new Bagle variant rumbles across the Net and a flaw in AOL IM is uncovered, software makers release new security offerings.

Flaw opens AOL chat software to intruders

Attackers could bombard PCs using instant messenger's "away" feature. AOL says a fix is imminent.
August 10, 2004

Price not right on Bagle variant

New version of worm floods e-mail in-boxes with bogus price quote messages.
August 9, 2004

Security vendors face new kid on block: Microsoft

Update for Windows XP includes security features such as a firewall, but antivirus firms say they aren't worried.
August 9, 2004

AMD says its chips can boost PC security

The security features will be activated with the installation of Microsoft's Windows XP update.
August 9, 2004

previous coverage

After delays, Windows security update ready to go

Microsoft hands Windows XP Service Pack 2 to PC makers. Software will also be available to customers via auto update.
August 6, 2004

The case of the mistaken worm

When is MyDoom not MyDoom? When security experts realize it's actually a variant of another virus altogether.
August 6, 2004

Image flaw pierces PC security

update Six vulnerabilities in a common code that handles an open-source image format could open the doors to intruders.
August 5, 2004

Malicious program aims for Pocket PCs

The first-ever Trojan horse program to target Microsoft-powered handhelds rolls into town. But experts say it has an Achilles' heel.
August 5, 2004