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PC makers want to be teacher's pet

Sony's got new deals, but did it miss the bus? PC makers play the subtraction game, lowering prices to boost sales. Will it help?

After a dismal year, PC makers are hoping a quick lesson in price cuts will help boost sales in the back-to-school season. And Sony wants into class with its new notebooks for students, but analysts say the company is tardy.

Sony's tardy-to-school sales season
The company unveils two new back-to-school notebooks, but analysts wonder if it's missed the seasonal spending surge.
August 28, 2002

Start of school year brings PC deals
First lesson for the back-to-school set: How to make money. PC makers play the subtraction game as prices drop.
August 27, 2002

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The computing giant, facing an eroding slice of the PC market, says it intends to reverse the downward trend in the coming fiscal year.
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