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PC makers are out of touch

In response to the July 25 Perspectives column by Patrick Moorhead, "Time for straight talk on technology":

Thank you, Mr. Moorhead, for articulating what I and others have been saying all along but without much success. When I was sitting at a desk, my biggest problem involved programmers who insisted on trying to set the parameters by which my (our) work or tasks would be accomplished, though they knew nothing about the nuances of the work or tasks involved and seemed incapable of grasping the concept they wanted to program.

Today's PC products are incredibly out of touch with what is needed to be "household friendly." For my part, I have my own spreadsheets for my own needs--no Microsoft Money, no Quicken. They are too slow and cumbersome.

Somewhere among my papers is an outline for a computer system called "Doorway." It would be simple and straightforward for those like me, and my selling point would be: "It is easier to walk through a Doorway than to crawl through a Window."

Robert Morgan
Crystal Lake, IL