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PC Magazine says we're awesome, super sweet

Crave makes PC Magazine's list of the Favorite 100 Blogs.

Film direction: T. Moynihan. Starring: K. Massy, E. Wenzel, D. Bell, B. Cha, J. France, V. Tremblay

File this one under "shameless self-promotion"--PC Magazine has named Crave as one of its Favorite 100 Blogs for 2007. There's no numerical ranking, so we're squeezed alphabetically right in between Core77, a blog we reference regularly; and Crunk & Disorderly, whose title could describe the state that some Cravers can be found in on weekend evenings. Considering the magazine operates its own gadget blog, Gearlog, this is a lovely honor for us.

To make it even sweeter, mid-October marks Crave's first birthday. Happy birthday, us! (We soft-launched, so just like a cute kitty left on a doorstep, we aren't sure of the exact day.)

We haven't been this proud since Tim Moynihan almost got chosen as one of the lucky guys on Beauty and the Geek last year. That little "sex tape in Pac-Man outfits" incident kind of ruined it, though. We'll spare you the ugly details.