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PC industry in Big Apple

The computing industry is making its latest pitch to consumer and corporate buyers at this week's PC Expo.

The computing industry, wracked by price wars, parts gluts, and inventory issues, is putting on its best face to corporate buyers at this week's PC Expo in New York.

Compaq investing in start-ups
Like Intel and Microsoft, Compaq is making equity investments in an increasing number of start-ups.

HP, others try direct sales
Joining Compaq and IBM, HP will experiment with its consumer sales model in an effort to match the low-cost practices of Gateway and Dell.

New Intel design to cut costs
Next year, Intel will release a version of the low-cost Celeron chip that abandons "Slot 1" architecture synonymous with the Pentium II.

Flat-panel screens steal show
As their prices continue to drop, flat-panel monitors have become stars of this year's PC Expo and the industry in general.

IBM makes new home PCs
Big Blue is set to unveil fully loaded consumer PCs, some with a new 300-MHz processor from AMD, as it considers building customized systems.

Big Blue debuts lower-price workstations
The Windows NT systems aim attract users who want the power of a workstation but not performance overkill.

Compaq moves into consulting
The PC leader will make its foray into consulting next week with a Web service to simplify corporate "enterprise" applications.

Pfeiffer: Web sales, Alpha key
Compaq's CEO outlines a future that involves more sales over the Web, as well as an increased push into corporate computing.

Sony continues portable push
Sony Electronics introduces more new portables, adding to its recently announced line of ultraslim notebooks.

Samsung announces Alpha subsidiary
Samsung details a new subsidiary charged with marketing Digital Alpha chips, focusing the processor's drive into the Windows NT market.

PC makers target "dumb terminals"
Computer makers are rolling out stripped-down boxes called "dumb terminals," but low-cost PCs may be conspiring against them.

Windows NT software ships
Microsoft and Citrix are officially introducing software intended for companies looking to centralize desktop applications on servers.

Xeon, terminals for PC Expo
Leading PC makers show off systems with the next-generation Pentium II while others will be taking the wraps off Windows terminals.

Xerox takes on HP in printers
Xerox will turn up the heat on Hewlett-Packard in printers with a new line of laser and ink jet color printers.

Notebooks to get new Zip drives
Iomega kicks off PC Expo this week with new Zip drives for notebooks, as well as new distribution and licensing deals.

Undaunted Toshiba sells servers
After a late start in the desktop business, the Japanese hardware maker formally introduces its first PC servers.

Compaq, HP add to lineups
The two PC giants offer new Pentium II-based business systems as the industry sorts through mergers and ongoing problems.