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PC Expo live: Gadgets take center stage

Few beige boxes litter the floor at the four-day trade show. Instead, all kinds of computing gadgets have taken center stage at PC Expo.


At PC Expo, the industry shift from boxes to handheld devices is being played out right on the showroom floor. Handheld computers, Internet appliances and other gadgets are the central focus of the four-day trade show. Although Dell and Compaq may be hard to find, Handspring and Palm faithful are in full force.


By CNET staff
June 29, 2000, 3:00 p.m. PT

Tech pioneer Kurzweil sees grand digital future
The PC may be dead, the dot-com economy collapsing and privacy threats proliferating, but there still are some unabashed techno-optimists in the world.

Don't bury the beige box yet, analysts say
Some of the most important hardware makers are absent from this year's expo. But analysts say the handheld boom will only increase sales of PCs.

Diamond, Iomega show off new MP3 players
The new Rio 600 and Iomega's new MP3 player are on display at PC Expo, where traditional PC companies are jumping on the device bandwagon.

Dell says wireless will prevail
The founder of Dell predicts that wireless broad access will likely displace its landline counterparts, such as cable or DSL.

Amazon's Bezos rebuts negative report
During a keynote speech, the e-commerce giant's CEO says an analyst's report that sent the company's shares tumbling last week was incorrect.

Opera puts browser update onstage
The Norwegian company completes work on version 4.0 of its Web browser and is hawking its software to tackle the world of non-PC devices.

IBM wants you to wear your PC
Big Blue displays some show-stopping devices, with wireless handheld computers and wearable PCs that can fit on your wrist.

Handspring seeks to keep it simple
Jeff Hawkins, who founded Palm and Handspring, tells the audience what to expect in the future of wireless gadgetry.

Palm swims upstream with new strategy
update The handheld device maker will announce support for an expansion card format that is incompatible with those used by Handspring and Sony.

previous coverage
Handhelds grab spotlight at PC Expo
preview PC will be in short supply at the show--handheld computers, Net appliances and other gadgets will be the central focus of PC Expo.

Sony offers peek at Palm-powered handheld
The electronics giant plans a sneak peek at its much-anticipated handheld, yet the company won't even say what it plans to call the device.

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