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PBS kids' show host gets fired for appearing in raunchy Web video

A PBS kids' network has sacked Melanie Martinez, the host of a three-hour variety program called "The Good Night Show," after she revealed that she once appeared in a series of short comedy films that, well, weren't geared toward kids. "The Good Night Show" airs on the PBS Kids Sprout network, a digital cable and satellite channel that calls itself "the first and only 24-hour preschool destination available on TV." (24 hours? Preschoolers?)

Sprout's Web site has added a message to parents concerning Ms. Martinez' dismissal.

The videos, public service announcement spoofs that go by the title of "Technical Virgin" (you can guess the nature of their content), were filmed seven years ago, but thanks to the Internet, they failed to disappear. If you feel inclined to actually watch a "Technical Virgin" video featuring Ms. Martinez, YouTube naturally has it. No nudity, but let's just say it's for the CollegeHumor set.

As one YouTube commenter points out, PBS didn't seem to have a problem when the often-vulgar comedian George Carlin had a starring role on the kiddie program "Shining Time Station" back in the '90s.