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PayPal on Amazon? It might happen yet

Amazon may be one step closer to accepting PayPal after the payment giant's CEO said the two company's had been in talks.

PayPal has confirmed it has been in talks with Amazon to potentially enable its users to purchase items and services from the shopping site using PayPal.

"We have been in conversations with Amazon," PayPal CEO Dan Schulman told Bloomberg in an interview. "We're closing in on 200 million users on our platform right now. At that scale, it's hard for any retailer to think about not accepting PayPal."

As the largest e-commerce site with an estimated 74.1 per cent of all online sales, Amazon is also one of the last holdouts when it comes to accepting the internet-based payment service.

PayPal, which separated from its parent eBay 18 months ago, is now accepted by hundreds of sites and retailers including Walmart, Best Buy and Netflix.

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