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PayPal is the latest tech company to narrow the pay gap

In its first diversity report as an independent company, PayPal points to equal pay for equal work.


PayPal's diversity report is in, and the company says it's paying women and minorities virtually the same amount as white males for the same work.

The report is PayPal's first since the online-payments service became independent from eBay last year.

Globally, 56 percent of PayPal employees are white, 28 percent are Asian, 8 percent are black and 6 percent are Hispanic, with the balance being other ethnicities or multiethnic.

Also, 56 percent are male, with 44 percent being female. In technical roles, only 24 percent are female, which is a common breakdown in tech companies.

PayPal also says a third of its leadership roles are filled by women, and the company retains a "proportionately higher number" of women in leadership roles.

"We pursue this goal inside the company because we believe that an environment where all employees feel valued and empowered to offer their best ideas will make us a stronger, more successful company," CEO Dan Schulman said in the report.