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PayPal for Android completely refreshed

PayPal for Android has just hit version 4.0, and its brand-new interface makes the app easier than ever to use.

PayPal Mobile

The newest version of PayPal for Android is out, and it sports a refreshed interface, complete with the "Holo" styling typical of apps designed for Android 4.0 and above. All of the main navigation is at the top, with the familiar dotted menu button sitting on the top-right of the Action Bar.

With all of PayPal's core features now split into three tabs -- Account, Send, and Request -- PayPal 4.0 is easier than ever to use. Plus, it now looks and feels more in line with its sibling PayPal Here, the company's answer to the Square Card Reader app.

PayPal for Android is available for free download on Google Play now.