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PayLo by Virgin Mobile reveals $30 voice-centric plan

PayLo by Virgin Mobile offers cheap prepaid voice-centric plans. It has just introduced a $30 for 1500 minute plan.

As popular as unlimited text messaging and data plans are, there are still cell phone users who want affordable voice-centric plans. That's where PayLo by Virgin Mobile comes in. This lower-tier prepaid arm of Virgin Mobile is introducing a new 1,500-minute plan for $30, which also includes 500 messages and 10MB of Web access. The $30 plan expires in a month. PayLo also offers two other plans: $20 for 400 minutes that expire in a month, and a basic 20-cents-a-minute plan that expires in 90 days. Not providing unlimited text and data allows them company to offer a high number of minutes for a relatively low price. According to Virgin Mobile, there are still plenty of customers who don't necessarily want a lot of text and data; they just want a phone to make calls.

Handsets available on payLo are the Kyocera Jax, the LG Flare, the Samsung m340, the Kyocera TNT, the Kyocera X-TC, the LG 101, and they'll be launching the Kyocera S2300 Loft for payLo as well.