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Paying to skip iPhone 5S launch lines

Some in line for Apple's latest phones are getting paid $14 an hour to hold a spot, the PlayStation 4 gets a mobile companion app, and HP is putting Leap Motion into the Envy laptop.

CNET Update would charge more:

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This year, the lines for Apple's iPhone 5S will be more tense than usual. No early preorders means fans need to visit a store to have the phone on launch day. And with reports of limited supplies, it also could be a challenge to get the color you want.

But hundreds of customers are avoiding the lines by hiring someone to hold their spot. TaskRabbit is a popular service for finding someone else to wait in line. So far about 250 TaskRabbit users have hired someone to wait in line for the iPhone 5S, paying an average of $14 an hour, according to Johnny Brackett, a spokesman for TaskRabbit in San Francisco. Last year, more than 300 people used TaskRabbit to hire someone to wait in line for the iPhone 5.

Also in this episode of Update:

- Expect Grand Theft Auto V to be the hot holiday game after it earned a record-breaking $800 million in sales in the first day.

- Expand your PS4 experience with the PlayStation companion apps for iOS and Android.

- Send money to others with the Google Wallet app on the iPhone.

- Chat with the BlackBerry faithful when the BlackBerry Messenger apps arrive on iOS and Android this weekend.

- Impress your friends with Leap Motion built into the new HP Envy 17 laptop.


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