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Pay with Google speeds up tedious online payments on Android

Google's online payments system should help you blast through online checkout in no time.


Less hoop jumping, more Hoop Dreams.


Parting with your money online isn't always as easy and breezy as it should be, but Google thinks it's come up with a fix.

The company launched Pay with Google on Monday, a service that should help you speed through online checkouts in record time.

Gone are the forms, the session timeouts, the errors and the backup authentication, promised the company in a blog post. Instead you'll be able to select any credit or debit card attached to your Google Account and let the merchant and Google handle all the hoop-jumping for you.

The only thing you may need to do is to identify yourself -- by using your phone's fingerprint scanner, for example, or by confirming your card's three-digit CVC security number.

You can take advantage of Pay by Google through the company's Chrome web browser. It'll also work on an ever-expanding list of Android apps, including popular services such as Kayak, Postmates and Dice. More services, including Airbnb, Deliveroo, Hotel Tonight, Just Eat and Hungry House are coming soon.