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​Pay what you want for this Mad Magazine Humble Bundle

This bundle of magazines delivers Mad's satirical takes on "South Park," Justin Bieber and Dane Cook, to name a few, while raising money for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Name your price for an extensive collection of Mad Magazine issues.

DC Entertainment

Gap-toothed character Alfred E. Neuman would no doubt grin at the news. DC Entertainment and Humble Bundle -- a digital storefront that lets you name your price for games and publications -- are offering a collection of Mad Magazine issues.

The American satirical publication has poked fun at pop culture and public figures since it debuted in 1952. The magazine isn't afraid to push boundaries when singling out people like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton or hot topics such as sexuality, gun laws and drugs.

The latest Humble Book Bundle offers 35 issues and a one-year digital subscription to Mad Magazine. Some proceeds from Humble Bundles typically support charity, and in this case they'll go to organizations including the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which aids comic book writers and artists in need of legal help.

This choice seems especially relevant since the risk-taking magazine itself has landed in court more than once.

Pay $1 (about 75 pence, AU$1.33) or more for Mad issues about superheroes, US politics, classic movies and TV shows "Seinfeld" and "Friends."

If you pay $8 (about £6 or AU$11) or more, you'll get that plus a one-year digital subscription to Mad magazine. This bundle also includes issues on Hillary Clinton, "South Park," "Beavis and Butt-Head," Justin Bieber, Dane Cook, "Minions" and more. Pay $15 (about £11 or AU$20) or more and you'll end up with all of the above plus issues on Donald Trump, Star Wars, "Game of Thrones," "The Walking Dead" and "Harry Potter."

All these magazines would usually cost up to $203 (about £153 or AU$269). The issues are available in multiple digital formats.

Plus, you get to decide where the money goes -- to DC Entertainment, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund or a charity of your choice. This Humble Book Bundle ends on September 13.