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Get rarities by author Neil Gaiman -- and pay what you want for them

Rare, never-before-published books, poems, comics, speeches and more (including a novel about the band Duran Duran) by author Neil Gaiman are now available digitally on Humble Bundle.

Author Neil Gaiman at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2013. Seth Rosenblatt/CNET

Whether you're a long-time reader of the comic series or perhaps recently discovered bestselling author Neil Gaiman through his kids books like "Coraline," you've now got a chance to own his rarest works, made available digitally for the first time ever with the new offering from Humble Bundle.

The works featured here range from books published early in Gaiman's career, never collected works from anthologies, barely published books with small print runs, or pieces that were never published at all. This includes short stories, essays, comics, music biography, poems, teleplays, prose fiction and even lyrics and speeches. If it's in this bundle, chances are you've never read it.

For those of you new to Humble Bundle, it works like this: Name your price for rare writings from author Neil Gaiman including "Being An Account of the Life and Death of the Emperor Heliogabolous" (24-hour comic written & drawn by Gaiman), "Angels & Visitations" (first collection of prose fiction, nonfiction, and poetry), "Adventures in the Dream Trade" (essays, poems, lyrics, and original "American Gods" blog), "Gods & Tulips" (controversial 1993 speech, an essay on running signings, and a speech on comics), and "Free Speeches" (speeches by Gaiman, Frank Miller, and others).

Pay more than the average price and you will also receive "Ghastly Beyond Belief" (Gaiman's rare and never republished second book of unusual quotes), "Day of the Dead" (fully-annotated "Babylon 5" script), "An Honest Answer & Other Stories" (collaboration with Bryan Talbot and Dave McKean), "Feeders & Eaters & Other Stories" (collaborations with Mark Buckingham, including a comic about writer Alan Moore), "Sweeney Todd & Other Stories" (Gaiman's lost, unfinished, never republished graphic novel with Michael Zulli), "Neil Dreams" (short comics of dreams, by and about Gaiman done by & with Rick Veitch), and the two controversial UK comics anthologies "Outrageous Tales From The Old Testament," and "Seven Deadly Sins," which also feature contributions from Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Dave McKean, Bryan Talbot and more!

Those who pay $15 or more get everything previously mentioned plus "Duran Duran" (rare debut book, never before republished), "Manuscript Found in A Milk Bottle" (never before reprinted short story with brand new intro), "Love, Fishie" (poems by Gaiman & his daughter Maddy Gaiman, limited edition of 100), and "A Little Gold Book of Ghastly Stuff" (out of print and collectible book of short fiction, essays, and poems -- many never before reprinted).

Whatever you pay, a portion of the proceeds goes to charities Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and The Moth Education Program. All of Neil Gaiman's personal proceeds from this bundle benefit The Gaiman Foundation, a private foundation that funds civil rights, free speech and education charities.

This Humble Comics Bundle: Neil Gaiman Rarities runs for two weeks and will end on Wednesday, September 23.