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Pay more and save with Alltel's Connect Packs

Alltel Wireless announces Connect Packs.

Alltel Wireless

Sometimes paying more money saves you more money. My girlfriend recently increased her AT&T text plan from 250 texts a month to 400 texts a month. The result is that she's actually paying less now than she was before, since going over her 250 test message limit was actually more expensive than just paying for 400 up front.

She could have just texted less, but that's not very realistic, and it's nice to know wireless companies have a fail-safe for those of us who have a hard time controlling our indulgences. Alltel Wireless on Monday announced that it is offering its customers a way to save money on content that they'd have to pay extra to get before. Called Alltel Connect Packs, they give customers the ability to bundle their favorite apps and services and supposedly save up to 40 percent on their monthly bills.

Alltel Connect Packs are only available to current Alltel customers with capable phones and with current post-paid rate plans of $39.99 and higher.

  • Connect Pack 1: Providing Alltel Mobile Web along with unlimited data minutes, this package is available for only $9.99 per month and provides unlimited access to the Web, e-mail, news, weather, and more. The unlimited data minutes can be used on Alltel applications, including Alltel TV, Celltop, ringtones, games, and others.
  • Connect Pack 2: This option, available for $14.99 per month, delivers everything from Connect Pack 1 as well as unlimited Alltel TV on Demand (with seven popular channels), Alltel Radio Basic (with 10 great channels of commercial free radio), and a subscription to Alltel's popular Ringback service (allowing customers to change the usual ringing sound that callers hear with thousands of tunes that match their personality).
  • Connect Pack 3: This pack provides everything included in Connect Pack 1, plus unlimited messaging. For $19.99 per month, customers have unlimited access to the Mobile Web along with unlimited text, picture, video and instant messaging.
  • Connect Pack 4: Delivering everything from Connect Pack 2, Connect Pack 4 adds unlimited messaging and e-mail for $24.99 per month.
  • Connect Pack 5: Available for $34.99, this pack is the ultimate bundle. It provides everything offered by Connect Pack 4 plus unlimited access to My Cast Weather, a RealTone-Jukebox monthly membership (with access to three new RealTones each month), and unlimited Alltel Navigation.