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Pay for satellite radio, but don't tape it

Pay for satellite radio, but don't tape it

Remember when you used to put a microphone up to your boombox and tape the radio? Well, when it comes to digital and satellite radio, the RIAA wants you to knock it off. It was fair use when your song recording sounded totally crappy, but now that it might sound good enough to keep you from plunking down for the song on CD, it's soon to be verboten. That--even though, if it's satellite or digital radio, you actually pay a monthly subscription fee--one would think, just might satisfy the eternally ravenous baby-bird mouth that is the music licensing and royalty scheme. But apparently it doesn't. Man. Do you think the RIAA ever gets tired of coming off like the biggest buzz-killing, money-grubbing, Scrooge-like villain of all time?