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Pay any price for seven indie PC games

The Indie Gala bundle has a combined value of around $65. And you can opt to share some or all of your payment with two worthy charities. Sold!

In the mood for some cheap gaming? How about a little philanthropy? You can get both with the set-your-own-price Indie Gala game bundle, which includes five PC games, two bonus games, and your choice of how to divvy up the proceeds.

It works like this. After you take a peek at the games, you decide how much you want to pay. Yes, it can be a buck, or even a penny, but you're not that cheap, are you? I think a reasonable minimum for a bundle like this is $5--but let your conscience be your guide. The games have a combined value of around $65.

The Indie Gala bundle.
The Indie Gala bundle. Screenshot by Rick Broida

After deciding on the amount, you can choose who gets the money: the developers, the bundlers, two very worthy charities (Child's Play and Save the Children), or some combination of the three. For example, you could do a 30/10/60 split. Just click Custom and move the sliders until you're happy with the arrangement.

When you're done, you'll get license codes redeemable on Steam--meaning you'll need a Steam account to download and install the games. (Within the Steam client, click Games > Activate a Product on Steam, then paste in one of the codes. Wash, rinse, repeat.)

The games themselves ran the gamut from action/RPG to platformer to hacking simulation to zombie whompin'. A little something for everyone, IMHO. Check the video up top to see them in action.

I'm not seeing any countdown timer or expiration date on this bundle, but I'm sure it won't be around forever. If you're into gaming and giving, check it out!

Bonus deal: While supplies last, the Microsoft Store has the Kinect Sensor and three Kinect games for $99.99 shipped. The games include Kinect Adventures, Gunstringer, and Fruit Ninja Kinect (which is provided via download). Big Kinect fan here; this is definitely a worthwhile item for under the tree/menorah.