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Pay $2 to promote your Facebook status?

Foxconn confirms there is an Apple television in the works, the makers of Angry Birds have a new game franchise, and you may be able to pay Facebook to promote your status update.

In today's show, we're buying status updates, finding a new route and building a new game addiction:

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Would you pay $2 to get your Facebook status message seen by more people? It's something Facebook is testing in New Zealand. (And tell me your two-cents on the issue via Tout!)

The Foxconn factory for Apple products is preparing to build the much anticipated Apple television set. The chief at the Foxconn spilled the beans in a news conference.

According to 9to5Mac, the next version of iOS will not include Google Maps. Rather, it will have Apple's own mapping software.

If you're buying a new Windows computer, wait until at least June. By then, Microsoft will launch a promotion that discounts the upgrade to Windows 8.

Starting May 16, the United States Post Office will ban international shipments of lithium batteries. That includes any gadgets that use lithium batteries, such as tablets and smartphones. However, the rule could change in January.

Diablo III, which comes out Tuesday, is the most preordered PC game ever on Amazon, beating out other Blizzard titles like World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

And get ready for a new addiction. The creator of Angry Birds is launching a new game series this summer called Amazing Alex. Players control a boy named Alex who enjoys building things. The Angry Birds game just reached one billion downloads, so let's see if Alex can stack up.

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