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Cosplay of PAX Australia ups the ante yet again

They might be keeping their outfits together with duct tape and a prayer, but these PAX cosplayers prove that the best in the world come from down under.

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One does not simply do a half-assed cosplay at PAX.

The gaming and geek culture expo -- which takes place every year in Seattle, Boston and Austin in the US, and in Melbourne, Australia -- pulls together the very best of the gaming world. Think the console, PC, handheld, tabletop and arcade games, plus a broad mix of AAA titles and up-and-coming indies.

But alongside the main halls crammed full of games, there's a whole sub-culture of cosplay action -- gaming fans who meticulously craft costumes of their favourite gaming and pop culture characters, ranging from mainstream Mario right down to obscure characters and one-off skins specific to particular gaming titles.

This year, at the fourth PAX Australia held in Melbourne, the hardcore cosplay fans did not disappoint. League of Legends, Warcraft, Marvel and DC comics all got a look in, as well as everyone's favourite game of the moment, Overwatch.

Walking around the expo, it was hard to shake the feeling you were really just running through one giant platformer. Whether it was lo-fi painted cardboard boxes, or immaculately crafted foam, 'styrene and latex creations one thing was for sure -- there was no getting through doors easily, and going to the bathroom was pretty much out of the question.

Speaking at one of PAX's many fan-focused panels, cosplayer Tim Nicholas summed up the unique difficulty of cosplay perfectly.

"The people that make or wear clothes, they're either models, or they're makers. With cosplay, you're kind of expected to be both."