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Pawsome supercut: Cats vs. Christmas trees

Have a Meowy Christmas with this hilarious highlight reel of pet cats attacking holiday ornaments, gift-wrapped presents and the decorated tree itself.


Need help decorating the tree? Don't ask the cat!

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

The holidays can be fun for all of us who love to decorate the Christmas tree with delicate ornaments, colorful garlands and twinkling lights. But for cats, the Christmas tree is a giant plaything covered in toys just waiting for paws to swat them from their delicate perches.

Proving once again that cat videos make Youtube great, this cats vs Christmas trees video features felines in a frenzy to smack around baubles hung with care.

Lower tree branches are kicked and batted around by anxious paws. Not even the star atop the tree is safe.

Over 10 video clips of cats are celebrated in this supercut. It's interesting to see the cats show off their technique of total tree annihilation by ricocheting off of furniture, climbing up the tree from the trunk or using the strands of lights like pulleys.

However, the best moments occur when cats literally jump onto the trees and knock them completely over. 

Whether the cats jump from the sofa to the very top of the tree or decide to topple the tree by grabbing a strand of lights and pulling -- each cat has his or her own method of defeating their biggest foe -- the Christmas tree.

O Tannenbaum never stood a chance.