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Paul McCartney, HP live and let digitise

Why don't we do it in the cloud? Paul McCartney has teamed up with HP to create a cloud-based digital archive of his Beatles and solo work.

Paul McCartney's list of collaborators, from John Lennon to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, has a new entry: HP. Beatle widow Yoko Ono may have ruled out an online release for the Fab Four's back catalogue, but Macca figured "Why don't we do it in the cloud?" He's said "Hi, hi, hi" to HP to create a digital archive of his Beatles and solo work in a cloud-based multimedia collection.

McCartney's post-Beatles work includes hits like Band on the Run, Ebony and Ivory and that one with the frogs. He led Wings -- the band the Beatles could have been -- and was involved in the avant-garde electronica of The Fireman, collaborating with members of Super Furry Animals and Killing Joke. The archive will include master recordings and originals of his photography, paintings, video, and silly love songs.

The archive will be in a private cloud for Paul and friends and family. There'll be no intermediary, like Apple, Spotify or a record label, to come between Macca and his cash admirers.