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Patterned slow cookers upgrade potluck potential

The Hamilton Beach Catalina and Damask Patterned Slow Cookers provide distinctive style for potlucks. Complete with convenient features, the appliances are well-suited for travel.

Good for on-the-go use or even just to leave out on the countertop at home.
Good for on-the-go use or even just to leave out on the countertop at home. Hamilton Beach

It's hard to go wrong with a potluck; chances are something (if not everything) is going to be good to eat. If playing by the rules, you're guaranteed to find something delicious among the table spread. After all, it's a rare occurrence that people bring something they themselves do not find appetizing. So, we bring our favorite dish to share, assured that there will be at least one to our liking--and hopefully others will agree.

One way for certain to make sure your dish stands out is to have the serving device itself stand out. Even if your recipe doesn't turn heads, the Hamilton Beach Patterned Slow Cookers are sure to. The slow cookers, which will be available in October 2010, will be available in two different styles: Catalina (model 33152) and Damask (model 33153).

In addition to their distinctive styling, the essential potluck appliances come with familiar features. The 5-quart stoneware insert is dishwasher safe, as is the glass lid. A convenient lid rest is incorporated; it directs condensation back into the cookware, a handy feature at potlucks for sure. Complete with a lid latch strap for worry-free travel, the slow cookers make it easy to set up at the potluck, or even just to leave out on the counter at home.