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Patriotic hen plays 'America the Beautiful' on piano

This is no poultry piano performance. It's clear this chicken isn't merely winging it.

When did you last see a chicken play the piano?

Jokgu the 19-month-old Buff Brahma chicken can peck out a rendition of "America the Beautiful" with love and dedication that's far from fowl.

Jokgu is a member of the Flockstars -- a band of chickens that can play piano keyboards and the drums. No, really.

While half of the "Heart and Soul" chicken duet could use a little more practice, the birds hit all the right notes when playing other classics such as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

This reminds me of "The Golden Girls" episode (which you can now watch on Hulu) where Rose, played by Betty White, shows off her pianist showbiz chicken.

Who knew piano-playing chickens were a thing?

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