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Engage, little dogies! Hear Captain Picard croon cowboy songs

Yippee-ki-ay, there are four lights. Patrick Stewart may be British, but he tackles that most American of musical genres.

This Independence Day, British actor Patrick Stewart showed his all-American side by tweeting out a link to his cowboy crooner side. "Happy 4th 'merica, yer a mighty fine country. Luv, Cowboy Pat," the "Star Trek" star wrote, providing a link to the above YouTube video.

In a hilariously accurate infomercial parody, Stewart dons western duds and belts out such western classics as "Rawhide," "Don't Fence Me In" and "The Streets of Laredo." Fans are directed to a website that's in on the joke -- proclaiming that the full-on album is "sold out" (dang, we really wanted that 8-track). But you can download a five-song collection, with proceeds going to the International Rescue Committee, a global organization helping refugees.

Of course, Captain Picard's not the first Enterprise captain to display his musical talents. Isn't that right, William "Rocket Man" Shatner?