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Patio table shifts for dining

The Outdoor Convertible Coffee to Dining Table is adaptable to the situation. It features hinged panels that elevate as well as a center cutout that can be used for a fire or for use as an ice bin.

Outdoor dining that can change on a whim.
Outdoor dining that can change on a whim. Hammacher Schlemmer

A party on the patio is just not complete without a few pieces of furniture. Or at least one that tries harder.

Patio furniture is what you make of it. The rules of etiquette that we adhere to while dining inside do not always apply when eating out of doors. The relaxed atmosphere of the backyard enables us to kick back, put our feet up, and use tables as chairs and vice versa. Sometimes, the furniture can even bend to our wishes.

The Outdoor Convertible Coffee to Dining Table, from Hammacher Schlemmer, transforms the outdoor dining space--literally. Featuring four hinged panels that elevate, the multitasking table is suitable for any variety of functions. The large table offers over 20 square feet of surface area with the panels lowered, and when the individual arrangements are raised, each rectangular panel has 345 square inches of dining space.

More than just a table that conforms to the moment, the stamped aluminum mesh outdoor furniture piece also offers up ambiance. In the center of the table, a cutout is capable of hosting either of two included metal bins for a fire pit or an ice reservoir. The all-in-one table is designed to be the center of attention, and considering that it involves fire, drinking, and dining all in one package, the transforming outdoor dining table is sure not to disappoint--it would even be OK to kick up your feet and stay a while.