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Patents show Samsung smart watch with a flexible screen

Samsung's much-rumoured smart watch could have a flexible screen, according to patents.

Samsung has already confirmed it's working on a smart watch, and now three new patents have shed some light on exactly what the timepiece might be like.

The patents were registered in Korea between March and May, and were unearthed by Moveplayer, Engadget reports. They show a design with a flexible display, as well as Android-stye controls. The site has also taken a punt on what sort of connections we can expect.

Housed on the clasp, right by the Back and Home button we usually see on Android devices, the watch could have a Power button, speaker, USB port, and microphone. Nothing is set in stone, of course, and while Samsung has confirmed the device is in the works, it hasn't given us any details.

But we've got plenty to go on. A filing last month hinted the time-teller could be called Samsung Gear. Some screenshots leaked earlier in the year too, showing off a Windows Phone-esque tile-based interface. Icons included music and messages, so it's a dead cert it'll sync with your phone.

Samsung is set to lift the lid on the device alongside the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA at the start of September. We'll be there, stomaching the terrible food to bring you all the news.

Samsung's announcement should kick off the smart watch bun fight good and proper. Apple has registered the name 'iWatch' in a few countries, suggesting it has its own techy timepiece up its sleeve. Motorola is set to go big on wearable tech, according to a recent job ad, and LG and Microsoft are also said to be working on their own models.

Are smart watches the next big thing? Would you use one? Or will they just be a novelty? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.