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Patching Heartbleed, a major Web security wound

CNET’s Bridget Carey explains why nearly half a million Web sites are scrambling to patch a bug that may have exposed your private information. Plus, Facebook tweaks privacy settings, and Sesame Street jumps into on-demand subscriptions.

CNET Update is giving up on the Internet:

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In this episode of Update, learn why the Heartbleed security bug is a big deal and how it impacts many major websites. While the world waits for sites to patch the problem, you can protect yourself in the meantime by logging out of your accounts. And once sites fix the flaw, you should create new passwords.

Also, Facebook is making small changes to clarify when a post is public to the world, and when it's just for your friends.

Sesame Street joins the on-demand streaming trend. is brought to you by the number 4, as in, it costs $4 a month to stream hundreds of episodes.

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