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Patch may resolve issues with Pioneer DVR-106D

Patch may resolve issues with Pioneer DVR-106D

Seveal readers have reported a variety of problems - including inability to burn media from the Finder and lack of individual app recognition - with the Pioneer DVR-106D drive mechanism, an OEM marketed by a number of third-party resellers.

Suggestions for resolving the issue have so far included setting Energey Saver (in System Preferences) to "Never Sleep" (with the "put hard disk(s) to sleep whenever possible" option unchecked); and performing an Archive and Install process.

Now MacFixIt reader Harry reports Patchburn, a freeware third-party drive patcher, does the trick in his case. Unfortunately, the tool currently does not boast Panther (Mac OS X 10.3.x) compatibility

"Just a few days ago I replaced of my external LaCie (Yamaha) CD-RW 4416s by an internal Pioneer DVD RW DVR-106D superdrive. The problem I had was that the drive was recoqnised by Toast and iPhoto, but not by iTunes or the finder. ASP stated the drive as 'Not supported'. My system is a G4 450Mhz dual processor with MacOS 10.2.8.

"The solution is simple. Download the english version of Patchburn II [...] For all you english and americans who don't speak german, here's a short translation of the most important information on the website;

"PatchBurn, das kostenlose Tool, das beinahe jeden CD/DVD-Brenner am Mac zum Laufen bringt (unter Mac-OS X 10.2 mit iTunes und DiskBurner) gibt es jetzt auch in einer englischen Version. Aufgrund der großen Nachfrage hat sich Programmierer und Macwelt-Redakteur Christian Möller dazu entschlossen, die aktuelle Version zu übersetzen. PatchBurn 1.1 in Englisch gibt es hier, die deutsche Version ist nach wie vor hier zu bekommen.' meaning;

"Patchburn, a freeware tool that brings almost any cd/dvd-burner to work with macos 10.2.x and iTunes is now available in an english version. Based on the many questions the programmer and the MacWelt editor Christian Möller had decided to translate the latest version. Patchburn 1.1 in english can be downloded 'here' (click on the first word 'Hier'), or the german version can be downloaded 'here' (second word 'hier')."

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