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Pasta machines promise a variety of noodles

If you're serious about your pasta, it may be time to invest in a pasta machine able to crank out all the pasta you want.

The Stainless Steel Pasta Maker can also be used for clay.

I'm always in favor of pasta: penne, ravioli, whatever you can think up. But I can't justify keeping 15 different shapes of noodles on hand, just in case I change my mind about dinner. It gets even worse when you start thinking about options like egg noodles, basil noodles, and other specialized fare.

I've found a way to get around deciding between pastas, though: make your own! Pasta dough is surprisingly easy to throw together and, as long as you have a sturdy pasta machine like the Prime Pacific Stainless Steel Pasta Machine, you can literally just crank out your noodles of choice.

The Prime Pacific Pasta Machine is hand-cranked and has adjustable steel rollers and cutting blades to help you make any kind of pasta you like. It also clamps to your counter, in order to make the pasta process easier. Both the crank and clamp are removable, to make the pasta machine easy to store. A recipe book is also included.

While the Prime Pacific Pasta Machine is not dishwasher safe, it can easily be wiped clean. For artists out there, by the way, the pasta machine is quite capable of extruding polymer clay as well--just run a damp paper towel through it before switching back to food.