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Party official in China fired after jilted lover posts details online

A Chinese Communist Party policy adviser is fired for leading an "improper lifestyle" after his former lover posts 120,000 words about their supposed affair. "I felt frisky" is merely one line.

Here's an interesting T-shirt I just came across on Neatoshop. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I fancy you've been tempted. I also fancy you have feared it might happen to you.

The vast open graph that is the Web allows those who have been hurt -- in one way or another -- to bite back, bile-style.

So it has reportedly passed in the ill-illuminated corridors of power in the Chinese Communist party.

Yi Junqing, the 54-year-old director of the Communist Party's Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, has had his extra-marital laundry washed in public by a lady who is not his wife.

Indeed, Chang Yan, a 34-year-old post-doctorate research student, is someone else's wife. But we'll come to that in a minute.

As the Telegraph whispers it, Yi had allegedly made promises to her.

These were not merely of the undying love kind, but of the "I'll get you a very nice job" kind.

Who could resist?

Sadly, the relationship never achieved all forms of its potential fruition. Chang decided her best option was to pen a 120,000 diary, detailing the relationship and posting it online.

You will, naturally, be wondering just how frank such a diary might have been. Here is a quote from it:

He said he would hire me within two months. I drank a lot and I felt excited. Later, as he helped me to get a taxi, I felt frisky and asked him to hug me. He said it was too public.

You will surely be moved by this:

He went to the bathroom and I took everything off apart from my underwear. When he returned, I was lying under the duvet, blushing.

Was she blushing from modesty or brandy? It's impossible to know. What is clear is that E. L. James will be ripping her heart out and her underskirts off at the sound of such unbridled passion.

Yi was endowed with considerable connection within the Communist Party. However, when Chang's diary splattered online, his position was untenable. He was fired for enjoying an "improper lifestyle."

This was despite the fact that Chang had second thoughts, removed the post, and claimed it was fiction. Perhaps her current marital status swayed her toward this judgment.

Their relationship allegedly comprised a mere 17 trysts. But the freedom of the Web allows so many people to eke out their revenge against those who have soured on their promises, waddled off with a new lover, declared their love one day and removed it the next, or merely been a mendacious squit of a human being.

How tempting it is for many to detail times, places, texts, photographs, and videos into one pleasantly complete and truthful WordPress blog.

Fortunately, now you have Facebook's Graph Search to assist you in compiling your diary of woe, one that you hope will inflict as much pain as your former lover has inflicted upon you.