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Party lines come to Net phones

roundup Jeff Pulver taps P2P for sharing phone minutes over the Net. Also: Skype goes to the office.

Internet telephony entrepreneur Jeff Pulver taps peer-to-peer technology for sharing phone minutes on the Net. Also: Skype goes to the office.

Pulver debuts P2P Bellster network

Digital troublemaker Jeff Pulver unleashes a way to use the Net to let anyone use your phone to make a call.
January 28, 2005

No-cost Skype strikes chord with businesses

Corporate road warriors and remote workers are discovering Skype as an alternative to pricier cell phones and landlines.
January 27, 2005

Net telephone fees have users fuming

Trying to soothe state regulators by highlighting regulatory fees, VoIP providers are instead infuriating some of their customers.
January 26, 2005