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Party gossip, Silicon Valley style: Just check out that Craigslist Missed Connection

Craigslist 'Missed Connections' post solicits hookup post-TechCrunch party.

It's the guy in the navy blue t-shirt. No offense to him, but he doesn't look like he's my type. Scott Beale/LaughingSquid

A Silicon Valley networking party hosted by TechCrunch last Friday was rife with start-up demonstrations and new product buzz, but it appears to have been a little bit lacking in the scandal department. But, hey, this isn't exactly Perez Hilton's territory. (ASIDE: There was the whole Julia Allison thing, which received the sort of reception as, say, Lindsay Lohan at Coachella.)

There was, however, one minor blog-gossip legacy of the event: a Craiglist "Missed Connection" post called "cute at techcrunch party" in which a shy female partygoer solicited contact with a fellow attendee with whom she wished she'd touched base. Apparently, he was wearing glasses and a blue shirt, and the Craigslist poster was able to point him out in a photo that had been uploaded to the web by Laughing Squid's Scott Beale.

Valleywag's Nick Douglas commented: "Blue shirt and glasses? At a TechCrunch party? She thinks that's enough identifying information?"

The post has since been deleted, which means that perhaps Blue Shirt and Glasses Guy managed to make contact with his potential Squeeze 2.0, or maybe the blog coverage (even TechCrunch's Michael Arrington gave the posting a mention--read the comments, some are hilarious!) caused the Craigslister to go a bit pink in the cheeks.