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Partnerships light up Sun's Java show

Also from JavaOne: James Gosling talks scripting languages and open source, and Sun unveils its first laptop.

Even as IT industry titans such as IBM, Oracle and stay the course with Java, Sun's dominion over the Java world faces a rising, grassroots open-source challenge. Plus: An interview with Java honcho James Gosling.

Apache Geronimo passes Java test

Closely watched open-source Java application server gets a step closer to J2EE compatibility.
June 30, 2005

blog The Ultra 3 mobile is part of a "try and buy" promotion to get developers to sign up for services.
June 30, 2005

Java hardware start-up wins early allies

Azul Systems partners with BEA Systems and JBoss in its bid to popularize special-purpose hardware to centralize Java server programs.
June 30, 2005

A closer look at Java

newsmaker James Gosling gets down to the nitty-gritty on Sun's software and assesses the open-source odds.
June 29, 2005

Sun's real-time Java fruit finally ripe

Software has extensions that guarantee the software can respond within a certain amount of time to critical events.
June 29, 2005

Brewing Java for RFID

New software being touted by Sun and device manufacturers will allow Java programs to run embedded on RFID readers.
June 29, 2005
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Jonathan Schwartz, COO, Sun Microsystems

blog Moves by Oracle and IBM have Sun executives talking about a rapprochement among competing Java vendors.
June 29, 2005

Linux desktop plan cools down

Java Desktop System will continue to exist, but expect to see "less of an emphasis" on it, company's top software exec says.
June 28, 2005

Sun makes case for open-source schooling

Push for online curriculum materials isn't just feel-good work; it's directly tied to Sun's bottom line, company says.
June 28, 2005

Linux desktop plan cools

Java Desktop System will continue to exist, but expect to see "less of an emphasis" on it, company's top software exec says.
June 28, 2005

Java to appear in next-gen DVD players

Sun announces that all Blu-ray Disc devices will ship with Java technology.
June 28, 2005

Sun to buy integration outfit SeeBeyond

Technology giant will dole out $387 million in cash to get Java-based integration software for server suite.
June 28, 2005

blog JBI has yet to show that it will be widely used in the industry, but many vendors, like Sun, are clearly motivated to make it succeed.
June 28, 2005

IBM backs Sun's Solaris, renews Java pact

Big Blue will create versions of its server software for Sun's operating system and will support Java for an additional 10 years.
June 27, 2005

Smaller outfits look to Java

Java developers gain tools for building rich-client applications and open-source content management.
June 27, 2005

Sun faces open-source swarm

As JavaOne gets under way, the company is seeing the center of Java move away from the Sun-controlled standards process.
June 27, 2005

Sun inks new deals with old partners

Moves shore up Sun's dominance in market for supplying handset makers and cell phone operators with download software.
June 26, 2005

BEA plans chip-based Java speed boost

The company is expected to announce plans to speed up its version of Java for servers by letting the software run directly on processors.
June 25, 2005

previous coverage

McNealy on message

newsmaker Sun's CEO feels "sense of duty and loyalty" in leading server maker's recovery effort.
June 24, 2005

Sun tries sharing Java again; still not open source

"GlassFish" lets outsiders tinker with Java server source code but stops well short of making it actual open-source software.
June 21, 2005