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Partial block for Google Mobile services in China

Google updates its China status page for the first time, reflecting the partial availability of its mobile services in that country.

Google mobile iPhone Android
Google services for mobile phones are being partially blocked in China, the first change in the status of a Google service since the company moved search to Hong Kong last week. Google

Google's mobile services in China are hit-or-miss Monday, the first change in the availability of the company's various services since the announcement last week of its decision to move Chinese search to Hong Kong.

As part of that announcement, Google also created a status page where it pledged to update Internet users on the availability of its services in China. Some services, such as YouTube and Blogger, have been completely blocked since last year, but now mobile services have joined the list of services that are partially blocked.

That includes mobile search, maps, and other services designed for mobile phones. It's not clear whether the partial block is related to Google's decisions in China over the past several months, but the timing is certainly curious.

Google confirmed the partial block but declined to comment on the cause or ramifications. Google is already dealing with the loss of a mobile search deal on China Unicom's network, but got a bit of good news Monday when the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy i6500U launched on China Unicom's network, according to CNET Asia.