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Parrot named 'Einstein' makes perfect sci-fi sound effects

Talented African grey parrot Einstein shows off an impressive repertoire of impressions, including a spaceship, pirate and laser gun.

Einstein the parrot lives at Zoo Knoxville in Tennessee and just celebrated her 30th birthday. In recognition of her hatch day, the zoo posted a video on Tuesday showing Einstein strutting her stuff with a fanciful display of her advanced mimicry skills.

From a barking dog to an evil laugh, Einstein has an extensive catalog she dishes out in response to cues from her trainer Adam Patterson. Patterson hands her sunflower seeds as a reward.

The parrot really shines when she gets to the sci-fi portion of the program, making retro UFO noises and the distinctive "pew pew pew" of a laser gun.

African grey parrots are known for their intelligence and mimicry skills, which are so advanced that one particular parrot's ability made it a potential witness in a murder trial in 2016.

Einstein's vocabulary tops 200 words and she even gave a TED talk in 2006. She also sings opera and rock music, in case you weren't envious enough yet.