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Parody trailer perfectly captures the horrors of flying coach

Coach class, aka steerage, is the "Worst Class" in this parody trailer that really captures the perils of dealing with a screaming kid and getting banged up by the beverage cart.

We've all been there -- flying coach, also known as steerage class, where we're trapped like sardines with hundreds of other travelers jam-packed into the plane.

Nacho Punch has released a parody movie trailer called "Worst Class" that perfectly captures the horrors of traveling coach, from screaming babies to getting your arm banged up by the beverage cart to the inevitable guy next to you who spills out of his seat into yours. The video tells the tale of a handful of passengers who will do whatever it takes to get to the highly coveted, and much more civil, area of the plane that is first class, the place where the Wi-Fi is free and so are the people, according to the video.

Truth be told, if someone actually made a movie called "Worst Class," I'd probably be among the first in line to see it. I fly fairly regularly for work, but I've never actually flown first class, and truly understand the plight of those stuck in steerage.