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Parks and Trek brings Ron Swanson aboard the Starship Enterprise

Cartoonist Neill Cameron's latest series features your favorite characters from "Parks and Recreation" as commanders in the "Star Trek" universe.

This is exactly what Ron Swanson would look like if he were a "Star Trek" Commander. Neill Cameron

The "Parks and Recreation" team in Pawnee, Ind., have beamed themselves up to the Starship Enterprise in this series from cartoonist and writer Neill Cameron, a regular in the children's comic The Phoenix.

Cameron's latest series of cartoons, which he's been posting directly to his Twitter account this month, imagines your favorite "Parks and Recreation" characters dressed like Jean-Luc Picard, William Riker and many other "Star Trek" personae.

The series so far includes Captain Leslie Knope (Picard) sitting in the Captain's chair; Chief Medical Officer Ann Perkins; Engineering Chief Tom Haverford strapping a boombox to a Starfleet Roomba; and Commander Ron Swanson (Riker) looking an awful lot like Grumpy Cat while standing with one knee on a wooden chair.

Seriously, these prints are incredible, and I want to hang them up in my own Starship Enterprise, which is what I sometimes call my TV room. Sadly, Cameron has no immediate plans to put the prints up for sale on his site, so for now you'll just have to settle for looking at them on the Internet.

Check out some of his creations at the top and bottom of this post, and look for more works, including maybe a portrait of Wesley Crusher, since Wil Wheaton really wants Cameron to do a cartoon of his "Star Trek" character as well.

Captain Leslie looks right at home in the Captain's chair. Neill Cameron
Tom Haverford jams out with his DJ Roomba aboard the Starship Enterprise. Neill Cameron

(Via Mashable)