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Paris Hilton hopes to sell you a skirt that doesn't exist

Paris Hilton gets together with a social-games developer and a virtual goods distributor to sell a virtual collection in online games. Is there no end to branded illusion?

Paris Hilton is the epitome of virtual success.

She has proved that myths can become flesh and flesh can become a myth that becomes a legend.

So who could not but lie back and admire the fact that one of the 21st century's most significant icons is launching a new fashion line in the world of icons?

Yes, together with Mentez, the self-styled "world's leading publisher and developer of social games" on Google-owned Orkut, and Virtual Greats, the self-styled "world's leading virtual goods and sales distribution agency," Hilton is self-styling clothes that don't actually exist. For this is a virtual collection, to be bought by those in Brazil who play certain online games.

This picture is entitled "My night with Paris at the Hilton". Really. CC CoreForce/Flickr

The PR release glows with the excitement of the morning after the night before. It begins with the line: "Paris Hilton to debut her line of inspired virtual goods in popular game Vida nas Passarelas."

Clearly inspired himself, Brett Orlanski, director of platform management at Virtual Greats, effused: "Mentez has a dominant position on Orkut and a deep roster of compelling, well-suited games that match our brands. We are excited to branch out beyond our own borders and bring our content to an untapped market."

However, it was left to Hilton herself to hit the perfect note of sheer giddiness: "I have the best fans all over the world. I love Brazil and I could not be more excited to share my style with my Brazilian friends!"

Some might struggle to conceive why one would buy something simply in order to "have" it in a virtual game. But then many of us often choose to suffer in the actual rather than take our pleasure in the virtual.

This is clearly a retrograde way of life. Paris Hilton and her partners are surely about to show us what the hotel empress' new clothes can generate in terms of excitement, style, and lucre.