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Paris Hilton at E3 to promote Gameloft

Paris Hilton at E3 to promote Gameloft

If you were on the show floor at E3 on Thursday afternoon, you may have wondered what was the hubbub around the Gameloft booth, with security guards and cameras flashing left and right. Well, wonder no longer, because that was Paris Hilton signing autographs and posing for photographers, helping to promote Gameloft's new line of mobile titles based on the famous heiress. Yes, there will be a line of mobile games based on Paris Hilton. Will wonders never cease?

The first Paris Hilton game by Gameloft is called Paris Hilton's Jewel Jam, which looks and plays a lot like Bejeweled. You switch around jewels in a grid to match identical gems in a line, and you get points based on how quickly you match them up. There are 60 levels in the game, with bonuses and combos revealed along the way. For example, you get points when you reveal the letters in the name Paris hidden behind the diamonds. Also, as you progress through the game, Paris will appear to guide you with hints and challenges. The game will be available this summer.

And if that's not enough Paris for you, Gameloft is planning on more Paris Hilton games for the future.